Summer is off to a fun start at our 2018 Engines at Play Camp! Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to with our Little Engines and Big Engines groups:

During weeks 1 and 2 we targeted social communication, language, sensory and motor goals with “Animals” and “Camping” themes.

Sensory Play

Campers searched for animals and went “nature hunting” in a variety of textures (sand, water beads, colored rice, etc.).

Summer 2018 9


Crafts helped campers practice sequencing, following directions and fine-motor skills.

Summer 2018 12

Summer 2018 8

Summer 2018 15

Imaginary & Collaborative Play

Play time was an opportunity for campers to use their imaginations, practice social communication skills, and best of all — make friends!

Summer 2018



Summer 2018 16

Summer 2018 20

Summer 2018 17
Summer 2018 13


Science projects were a special hands-on way to foster a variety of important skills including sequencing, making predictions, describing attributes, and following directions.

Summer 2018 7


Summer 2018 4

Summer 2018 3


Daily yoga classes with Ms. Jacki are a camp favorite! Not only are they fun, but the yoga activities help the children increase their body awareness, coordination, and understanding of calming strategies.

Summer 2018 2

Summer 2018 10


The campers in our Big Engines program participated in the HearBuilder program twice a week for 20 minutes. HearBuilder is a computer based program that “provides individualized instruction in basic concepts, following directions,phonological awareness, sequencing, and auditory memory.” The children are working on four specific tasks which are:

  1. Following sequential directions (first, second, last)
  2. Sequencing pictured stories in the correct order
  3. Auditory memory for details (find the girl who is not wearing a hat)
  4. Blending syllables to formulate a word (um-brel-la = umbrella)

We have been so pleased with the children’s interest and enthusiasm during their HearBuilder time.  It’s a beneficial program for improving auditory processing and we’re happy to be implementing it for the first time in our camp this year.

Summer 2018 5

Other Highlights

Morning circle time provides a structured environment for campers to identify how they are feeling, ask and answer questions with peers, make predictions, wait their turn, and practice social communication skills. Campers were encouraged to use the “Zones of Regulation” and “Thoughts and Feelings” visual aids to think about how they and their peers are feeling. We love seeing our campers improve their ability to interpret and use non-verbal language!

Every week we teach and reinforce “Social Thinking” concepts with our campers. These concepts (developed by Michelle Garcia-Winner and adapted specifically for our camp program) help campers improve their social competencies and feel better about themselves and others.

Pizza, fruit, and vegetables have generously been donated every week for Pizza Party Fridays, when campers enjoy celebrating the end of a successful week.

Stay posted for more camp updates throughout the summer!