We offer our Engines at Play Intensive Programs (camps) during summer, winter and spring breaks from school. We welcome children ages 4-7 with language delays or difficulty interacting with others.

Our camps are modeled after our social groups and focus on language development and social communication.

Highlights of Our Camps

  • Groups are facilitated by our skilled speech-language therapists and maintain a small child-adult ratio. We collaborate closely with other professionals including occupational therapists, music therapists, and ABA therapists to ensure that our program is optimal for all children involved.
  • Daily structure offers a predictable routine during breaks from school.
  • All activities are play and group-based, and are designed to motivate and engage group members.

Activities incorporate

  • Social Skills
  • Conversational Skills
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Narrative Development
  • Music Enrichment
  • Collaborative Art Projects
  • Sensory Activities
  • Cooperative and problem solving games
  • Emotional awareness, vocabulary, and regulation


  • ICT’s clinic is centrally located on 2103 Coral Way Suite 720 Miami, FL 33145
  • Please call our office at 305-443-2022
  • Flexible hours Monday thru Friday - Dependent on individual therapist
  • Send Mail to Integrated Children’s