Social Groups

Social Groups are what make our practice truly unique, and are an invaluable piece in our mission to ‘Help Kids be Kids’. We carefully match children based on developmental level and interest, which sets the stage for remarkable social and emotional learning. Children have fun while practicing valuable skills learned in therapy and, most importantly, experience the joy of making friends and playing with others.  

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Social Groups

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Childhood is all about making connections and building friendships. That’s what motivated Integrated Children’s Therapy to develop and include social groups in our unique approach.

Over the years, we found that the children we supported had difficulty carrying over skills learned in individual therapy to social settings with peers. We also found that this had the greatest impact on overall self-esteem, and consequently, learning. So we shifted our thinking and our practice to include facilitated opportunities for children to interact and practice turn taking, perspective taking, negotiating with peers, creating and communicating ideas, problem-solving, and reading and using body language appropriately. These opportunities to feel successful help the children internalize skills with greater success, which then helps them apply those skills in their natural environments. And the best part is, they feel good about themselves!

Our dyads and groups are led by one or more of our dynamic therapists, and we carefully match children based on developmental level and interests in order to maximize their experience.

Ongoing Social Groups: These groups provide facilitated opportunities for children to navigate playful interaction with peers at their own developmental level. Your child will practice invaluable social skills and, most importantly, discover the joy of playing with another child. 

Thematic Social Groups – These groups are 6 to 8 weeks in duration and are offered on a rotating schedule during the summer months.

Some of the thematic social groups we have developed and implemented in the past include:


Bon appetite! Cooking Club members are involved in the process of planning and preparing a meal from beginning to end, including developing a menu, researching recipes, and shopping for the ingredients with awareness to budget. This process enhances critical skills such as negotiation, problem solving, sequencing, and TEAMWORK!


Feel the beat! Dancing Club members use music and movement to practice language skills essential to communication such as following directions, sequencing, turn taking, negotiation, and language organization.


Join us as we set the stage for a wonderful opportunity to stretch your child’s artistic talents in a supportive and fun environment. Drama is a wonderful tool for teaching social skills through imaginative play. It gives children a chance to practice perspective taking, problem solving, negotiating, sequencing, and role playing.


Let imagination take flight! This club is designed for children who love constructing objects driven from their imagination using Legos. Children in Lego Club negotiate a theme and over 6 weeks will work on their projects. This process allows for practice with categorization, problem solving, negotiation, and teamwork. Their creativity is showcased during an art gallery presentation for family and friends.


Left, Right, Left , Right…Move! Join our child-centered boot camp focusing on improving bilateral coordination, body awareness, motor planning, motor sequencing, and execution while participating in fun and challenging obstacle courses.


Calling all junior shutter bugs! Join us as we explore our surroundings through the camera lens. Children set up and use a digital camera, lighting equipment, and backdrops. We explore various photographic themes that challenge them to generate, develop and communicate their ideas visually. This process allows for practice with sequencing, categorization, and teamwork. Each photographer’s body of work will be on display at a gallery opening during the last session. All equipment is provided.


This group focuses on the creation of characters and storyline, to be showcased during a puppet show at the end of the 6 week session. The Puppeteers collaborate on storyline development and construct their own puppets using various mediums. This is an excellent and supportive environment for children to strengthen their social skills, sequencing, problem solving, and negotiation.


Allow your child to join a magical journey where children become storytellers. In this group, children develop the necessary skills to collaborate with their peers, translate imagination into words, and create characters, settings, and adventures. Children work together to negotiate ideas and ultimately document their story in a book to be shared with friends and family. The young authors also illustrate their stories to strengthen visualization and story development.


Is your child creative? Does he or she love to play games? If so, this is the club for him or her! The Name Your Game Club allows children to collaborate with peers while using their imaginations to create their own games. The children develop the ideas, create the rules, and become the players.

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