Our team has helped countless children with speech, language and social challenges reach their full potential. We start by building a warm relationship with each child, and use play-based therapy that motivates the child and maximizes learning.

We know that speech, language and social challenges are tied to developmental level, physical abilities, and sensory-motor capabilities. We collaborate with our network of occupational therapists and other child development professionals to ensure that we have an understanding of the whole child.

Some of our goals for speech-language therapy are to

  • Speak clearly and intelligibly
  • Understand, express, and manage emotions
  • Express thoughts, ideas and concepts in a clear, organized way
  • Participate in rich, meaningful interactions with others
  • Build friendships and relate to peers
  • Play cooperatively and take turns
  • Build social communication skills
  • Be more flexible
  • Follow directions
  • Ask for help
  • Sequence ideas or steps to a game
  • Read, understand, and create stories
  • Be more independent
  • Problem solving

We incorporate the following approaches


  • ICT’s clinic is centrally located on 2103 Coral Way Suite 720 Miami, FL 33145
  • Please call our office at 305-443-2022
  • Flexible hours Monday thru Friday - Dependent on individual therapist
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