Our Director of Speech Therapy, Mandy Alvarez, says she was excited when Meredith Rasco joined the speech therapy team because she came with a lot of experience and shared passion for helping kids be the best they can be. Mandy also admires Meredith as a mother, and sees how her involvement with and dedication to her own children spills over into her work with others.

“Meredith is a very knowledgeable, organized and reliable therapist,” Mandy says. “She uses every resource available to ensure that kids and their families get the most comprehensive interventions possible. Meredith is a special, good person who radiates great energy that spreads throughout our entire team.”

Meredith, why did you get into the Speech Therapy field?

I pursued speech therapy as a way to apply my interests in psychology, linguistics and child development to helping children and their families in a clinical setting.

What do you appreciate most about your role as an SLP?

I feel that the most important part of my work is connecting with a child, learning what is interesting to him or her, and using those interests to affect change.

What stands out to you about working at ICT?

I love working at a place like ICT, where I feel that the collaborative nature of the team is truly unique and where the therapists are in constant communication to ensure that each child and family is receiving superior services.

What is an intervention or strategy that you find especially useful?

I find that the Floortime/DIR principles afford the most opportunity for making positive changes in a child’s communication skills. Meeting a child where he or she is, using the child’s interests to engage him or her in activities, and building on his or her strengths put the child, parents, and treatment team in the best position to make progress

What is your top tip for parents?

Find time every day to play and read with your child. Set aside your distractions (smartphone, work, chores, etc. etc. etc.), follow your child’s lead, and let him or her amaze you! Any and all types of play (pretend play, board games, card games, constructive play, physical play, sensorimotor play) provide a great way to connect with your child and develop reciprocal communication, vocabulary, comprehension, perspective taking, and problem solving skills. Reading together is not only a wonderful way to bond with your child, but it also helps him or her develop vocabulary, listening, and comprehension skills.