We’re so excited to shine the spotlight on our occupational therapy assistant, Kristy, for this Staff Highlight!

“Kristy’s dedication to learning is unparalleled,” says our founder, Mandy. “She is forever seeking new information and consulting with other team members to ensure that her work with each child is the best that it can be. I have known few other therapists that have demonstrated such motivation, commitment, and determination to make a difference. She is truly an inspiration to work alongside.”

Now, let’s hear from Kristy.

Kristy, why did you get into the occupational therapy field?

I first became interested in entering the occupational therapy field when a family member was diagnosed with Alzhemier’s disease. However, this field took on a whole new light after I married into a family with a special needs child and learned how helpful occupational therapy can be. Also, now that I’m a mom of two wonderful kids of my own, I feel especially inspired to seek new and fun ways to help children reach their full potential.

What do you appreciate most about your role?

I appreciate the opportunity families give us, and the trust they place in us to help their children gain the skills needed to be successful in life. I love finding new and fun ways to help them achieve their goals, whether building an exciting obstacle course or engaging in messy play. Our sessions are never boring!

What stands out to you about working at ICT?

ICT is a family-centered practice and encourages participation at all levels. This provides families with opportunities for “hands-on” learning experiences within each session. I love working with one of the best, award-winning interdisciplinary teams in South Florida!

What is an intervention or strategy that you find especially useful? 

I like to set the tone before I start every session. With younger children I slow down and get at their eye level. With older children, I encourage self-reflection and a positive mood by asking them about one favorite thing they did during the week. Also, laughing or being silly with kids is so important. It transforms every session into a special experience.  

What is your top tip for parents?

Be PRESENT, slow down, and just laugh and PLAY with your child. That is when the magic happens. When you detach from the other things that occupy your time, you can see your child through a whole new lens and create meaningful learning experiences — even if it’s just 10 mins a day.