Don’t miss out on our popular Spring Camp! Open to children ages 3-7, our half-day, play-based camp helps children maintain daily structure during school breaks. From circle time to story time, group crafts to group free-play, your child will be engaged, supported, and having so much fun they won’t even realize the valuable speech, language, social, and sensory skills they’re learning!

Some highlights of our Spring Camp include:

  • Small adult-to-child ratio
  • Facilitated by our skilled and caring therapists
  • Fun themes help keep children engaged and motivated
  • Emphasis on play maximizes learning
  • Focus on social communication helps children relate to and interact with peers in a group setting

A Parent’s Take on Camps

Giovana became part of the ICT community when her son began therapy for a speech delay and challenges with sensory processing and motor planning. She first sent her son to ICT’s Summer Camp because she hoped it would be a way for him to overcome anxieties and difficulties he had related to interacting with peers. “He was embarrassed about things like taking off his shoes in front of other people, or answering someone when they talked to him,” she said. “I wanted him to learn to communicate and feel comfortable with other kids.”

Giovana credits camp for helping her son overcome social anxieties and boosting his self-esteem. In the camp setting, she said, therapists were able to observe her son’s hesitations when interacting with peers and guide him to build social skills that made it easier for him to feel comfortable, talk to and play with other kids.

“He loved going to camp,” Giovana said, and added that she appreciated that the staff was highly empathetic and available to talk with her about her son’s progress.

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