Carolina Pichardo

Andrea Martinez​

Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Miami and is pursuing a master’s in communication sciences and disorders.

She always knew that she wanted to enter a field dedicated towards helping others. Inspired by her neurodivergent triplet sister, Andrea has chosen to pursue a career in speech-language pathology where she aspires to provide the very best quality of care, always with the utmost compassion. Her goal is to provide a supportive environment, giving children the confidence to be themselves as they strive towards their potential.

Andrea has worked in various schools supporting enrichment programs for grades K-8. She has also dedicated time working in a research lab focusing on mindfulness, attention, working memory, and other cognitive areas.

Andrea first became a member of the ICT team in January 2022 when she began volunteering in our readiness programs. She now leads the Little Learners program with dedication, love and compassion, making her a wonderful team leader.