Sanela Ombasic

Sanela Ombasic, Occupational Therapist

Sanela earned a degree in Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind (a unique major incorporating cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology) from Franklin & Marshall College. She went on to spend two years with Teach for America, where she lead a 1st grade classroom in Tulsa, OK. While teaching, Sanela learned that for her students to be successful academically, they first needed developmental support in areas such as attention, fine motor, executive function, and play skills. After consulting psychologists and occupational therapists, she transformed her classroom to incorporate opportunities to practice these foundational skills. Eventually, this inspired her to pursue and earn a Master’s degree in occupational therapy from Nova Southeastern University.

Aside from her teaching experience, Sanela also provided screening and occupational therapy services for children with a wide range of developmental delays at the South Miami Hospital Child Development Center.

Sanela believes in a holistic approach, in which a team of child development professionals works together and uses a child’s strengths to address his or her challenges. She is dedicated to helping children build a strong foundation, from which they can realize their full potential.

Sanela has attended numerous educational conferences, is a former certified teacher, and loves the joy children bring to their work with her.