With our staff dressed as emojis, members of our teen groups helping to set up and run the show, and kiddos in costume enjoying a party friendly to their needs, our annual Halloween bash was a blast.

Teen Zev helped hang decorations, and David led story time.

The kids played with “blood,” “brains,” and “dirt and worms” in the sensory room, set up by teen Catie.

 We posed for photos with our mascot:
Teen Zev ran a thrilling obstacle course where the kids had to 1: Crawl Through the Bat Cave 2: Splat the Eyeball 3: Toss the Pumpkin and 4: Break the Windows of the Haunted House.

Ms. Jacki and teen Gian Marco led Boo Yoga with creative, festive yoga poses invented by our teens: Cat Pose, Tip-Toeing Mummy, Sleeping Vampire, and Tipping Pumpkin!


Other fun included interactive songs and story writing with pumpkin, skeleton, bat and ghost props.

Thank you to our teens, our staff, and our kiddos for an amazing night! Happy Halloween from all of us at ICT.