Beach Cleanup 2
On Saturday we spent a beautiful morning together at Matheson Hammock Park, where we cleaned up the beach, had an epic relay race, and shared a picnic.
Big thanks to Melissa (our assistant director), Alex (one of our stellar SLPs), and our teen group for organizing the event!
Melissa kicked off the beach clean-up by sharing the rules for doing it safely. Then we all put on gloves, grabbed big bags, and broke off into teams. We gave ourselves team names (like Iron Crabs, Iron Fish, and Blue Thumb) and competed to see which team could collect the most trash. Everyone was a winner, especially the beach! 
Beach Cleanup 13
Beach Cleanup 8
Beach Cleanup 9
Next we divided into two teams for a relay race. Our OTs came prepared with hula hoops, cones, balls, buckets, and shovels. The kids practiced turn taking, sequencing, motor skills, waiting, collaborating, and teamwork.
Beach Cleanup 11
Beach Cleanup 10
Beach Cleanup 3
We ended by gathering on a blanket to share a picnic. We reflected on the morning and shared tips for being more environmentally conscious by saying no to straws, avoiding plastic bags by using reusable ones instead, and recycling.  
Beach Cleanup 14
Thank you to all the families, therapists, and staff who joined us for this special outing!
Beach Cleanup 12
Beach Cleanup 5
Beach Cleanup 7