Cover image: Campers collaborated to create a mural during our “Under the Sea” week at camp. 

We opened our new doors with a bang, welcoming campers to our Engines at Play Summer Intensive Program. Our first two weeks focused on learning social, emotional and language skills through the themes of “Under The Sea” and “Music and Celebrations”.

We’ve already seen improvement in the areas we’re targeting throughout the summer, including emotional and physical regulation, understanding how thoughts, feelings and actions are connected, knowing how to interpret and use non-verbal language, and learning how to participate in a group and navigate group dynamics. We have two incredible occupational therapists (Berta Campa and Natasha Bravo) on board, helping us integrate our kiddos’ sensory needs into the program.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to:

Our newest team member, Speech-Language Pathologist Jacki Rubin, leads daily yoga sessions. Jacki is trained in using yoga with children and the special needs population. Yoga is a favorite part of our campers’ day, and incorporates body awareness, calming strategies, sequencing, motor planning and use of imagination.

While making a fruit salad, campers practiced language skills like following a group plan, taking turns, sequencing, sharing, requesting and being flexible. It was a sensory experience as they touched, smelled and tasted different textures and flavors. And, of course, it was a workout for their fine motor skills!

Searching for hidden sea creatures was a fun and sensory-focused way to practice anticipating, predicting, describing and turn taking. It sparked opportunities to build vocabulary and talk about the way things look and feel.

The aftermath of a group plan and sequencing activity: Cleaning shaving cream off musical instruments.

Making shark hat costumes focused on following directions and sequencing.

Stay tuned for more camp updates!