Our 2016 Winter Camp was two fun-filled weeks for our participating kiddos. We focused on themes like winter season, holiday fun, music, art, animals, occupations, and the new year. The daily routine provided structure, which helped the kids feel safe, in control, and open to learning.

We highlighted some of our camp activities below with pictures. Other activities included creating winter-themed obstacle courses, holiday crafts and songs, imagining our space as a jungle and creating stories about it, and exploring the occupation of archaeologists while digging in sand for fossils.

The best part about our camps is seeing the kids make friends, which can be tough for those with developmental challenges. Camps also provide accelerated opportunities for kids to make gains in pretend play skills, flexibility and adaptability, staying on task, communication and interaction, body regulation through structured movement, turn taking, working and playing together, and following the rules.

Many thanks to Melissa Izquierdo, our Assistant Director of Speech Therapy and Camp Director, the therapists who facilitated camp activities, and all the kids who participated!

Working in small groups on fun activities allowed for language building by encouraging kids to generate and execute ideas. This type of group play also offers ample opportunities for the kids to interact and build social skills like communication and cooperation. In addition, these activities provide sensory input and help strengthen fine motor skills.

A snow-making activity was tons of fun, and a great sensory activity that also encouraged following directions and teamwork. It might have been 80 degrees outside, but it was Winter Camp after all!

Next up is our Spring Camp in April, so make sure to stay tuned in March for registration information. You can read about our camp philosophy here.

Happy New Year!