Nancy Amar

Nancy Amar, Occupational Therapist

Nancy graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2003 and began her occupational therapy career working with adults at a rehabilitation center. She quickly switched gears and started working with children, gaining experience and becoming a renowned and respected member of Miami’s child development community. In addition to providing individual therapy, she designs and teaches art, cooking, science and movement classes for children with autism, leads workshops for teachers, and offers classes for parents on mindful parenting and discipline. Nancy believes that children with autism and other developmental challenges have profound lessons to teach us, and she is passionate about fighting for their acceptance by and inclusion in society. She has appeared on The Today Show and is currently writing a book entitled “I Don’t Use My Words, but I Come with a Message.” Nancy is a trusted member of ICT’s professional network, providing occupational therapy at our clinic for children who need sensory-motor support.