Intensive Programs: Summer / Winter / Spring

We offer our “Engines at Play” intensive programs during summer, winter and spring vacations for children ages 2-6 with language delays or difficulty interacting with others.

Highlights of Our Engines at Play Programs:

•    Groups are facilitated by our skilled speech-language pathologists and maintain a small child-adult ratio.

•    Daily structure offers a predictable routine during breaks from school.

•    All activities are play and group-based, and are designed to motivate and engage group members.

•    Areas of focus Include:

–    Social Skills

–    Mindfulness Exercises

–    Narrative Development

–    Music Enrichment

–    Group Craft Projects

–    Sensory Activities

Goals of Our Engines at Play Programs Include:

Understanding nuances of language:

   •     Greeting others and making eye contact

   •     Listening to others

   •     Respecting personal space

   •     Reading, understanding, and using body language

Understanding and communicating concepts:

   •     Following directions or sequencing steps to a task

   •     Creating stories or retelling events

   •     Negotiating or defending ideas, and accepting other’s ideas

   •     Expressing thoughts, ideas or feelings, and persisting when not heard or understood

Building friendships and relating to peers:

   •     Initiating play

   •     Being flexible

   •     Taking turns

   •     Seeing something from another’s perspective

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