ICT 2018 Halloween Party

Our 2018 Halloween Party was a sensory-friendly, language-boosting blast. A special thank-you goes out to our teen group, who worked hard to decorate and plan. Thanks also to our therapists, staff, families, and especially our kiddos for a very fun afternoon!   ...

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Summer Camp Weeks 7 & 8

8 weeks of summer camp have flown by! It's hard to believe it's over! Throughout the summer we watched our campers learn and grow as they had fun and made friends. Before we recap our final 2 weeks of camp, we want to say THANK YOU to our staff, therapists,...

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Executive Function Skills & Language

If we imagine our brain as a busy highway system, executive function (EF) skills are the traffic rules that keep things running smoothly. They help us manage the constant streams of information running through our brain so we can focus, plan, accomplish tasks, control...

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Summer Camp 2018 – Weeks 1 & 2

Summer is off to a fun start at our 2018 Engines at Play Camp! Here's a recap of what we've been up to with our Little Engines and Big Engines groups: During weeks 1 and 2 we targeted social communication, language, sensory and motor goals with "Animals" and "Camping"...

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All About Articulation

What is Articulation? Articulation is the way we use our tongue, lips, jaw, teeth and palate to make speech sounds. It’s the key to pronouncing words correctly so we can communicate clearly and effectively.  What are Articulation Errors? There are four types of...

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  • ICT’s clinic is centrally located on 2103 Coral Way Suite 720 Miami, FL 33145
  • Please call our office at 305-443-2022
  • Flexible hours Monday thru Friday – Dependent on individual therapist
  • Send Mail to Integrated Children’s

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